Saturday, January 16, 2010

Science Links

1. Foss Web

2. Science and Literacy

3. Science Notebooks
On this website, the following pages are useful:
a. Go to Student Work Search Submissions---Excellent notebook examples
b. Go to Classroom Tools, introductory Lessons, Assessments, Templates
c. Go to Teacher Resources, Templates
d. Go to Frequently Asked Questions, Elementary

4. Google Science learning: This website has links to Google Earth, Google MARS, Google Flu trends, Google Earth Oceans and Google Sky. Google Tools and Science Education

5. Learning Science Org: Links to Science tools, online stopwatch, Links to several national Science websites: Learning Science

6. Fifth grade science related links are at:

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tech Tuesday Jan. 5th; Delicious, dashboard, wiki, speech on Word

*Website that bookmarks bookmarks on the web.
* You can use your Yahoo! Login to login to delicious. Alternatively, you can create a login.
*You can make your bookmarks public.
* You can search for other public bookmarks for example if you want to search for a SmartBoard lesson, you could search here instead of Google.
* You can add Delicious to your browser toolbar

Wiki Ideas
* Wiki Walkthrough
*Shows ways that you can use wiki for different purposes.
* It gives you different free wiki websites that you can setup wikis

Instructional Technology, Wichita Public Schools
*Smartboard Lessons can be downloaded

You can use photobooth to capture a photo of something you want to show to your class (if you don't have a document camera). I took pictures of these rock salt crystals in the evaporating dish.
Bring up the photo in Finder.
Open the file (it will open the jpeg file in Preview).
Use the standard Notebook capture feature to capture the image into Notebook.
You can then use this in a lesson. So for instance we compared two different evaporating dishes of rock salt crystals - their similarities and differences, etc.

Mac Dashboard
*Push fn plus F12 or Click on icon on toolbar
* You can add/subtract as many widgets as available.
* You can get more widgets by clicking on the more widgets button or going to Dashboard Widgets downloads
*To disable widget, click the x symbol on the widget.
*The translation tool is a really useful widget. This can be used to translate from several languages to English and vice-versa. Very useful for ELD students to use.
* The concept is similar to the iPhone apps.

Microsoft Word
1. To get computer to speak something written:
*Type Sentence
*Highlight Sentence
Note: To use with ESL student who cannot read, cut and paste translation from dashboard into word and computer will speak in another language.


1. This website has a ton of free online puzzles of various types.

Brain Bashers

2. Create online jigsaw puzzles

3. Crossword puzzles on various themes and events through the year: Crosswords

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Math Links

1. Several Math activities and games:

Math Playground

2. Math Manipulatives

3. Illuminations

4. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

5. NCTM Web Links

6. Online Games

7. To reteach or relearn: The Khan Academy 

8. YouTube Mathademics 

SmartBoard Links

1. The link for the Hays Wiki where you will find several useful SmartBoard lessons and websites: Hays SmartBoard Wiki

2. SmartBoard TypePad

3. Teaching with the SmartBoard

4. Smart Technologies

5. SmartBoards and Everyday Math

6. Goodrich Elementary

7. Harvey's

8. SmartBoard Wiki Spaces

9. Primary and Secondary Lessons

10. Longwood Central School District

11. Smart Exchange

12. Rockingham County Public Schools - super site for several SmartBoard Maintenance and lesson tips

13. TechSmart - you need a free login but it has several resources including some great game templates

14. A SmartBoard Blog: Useful site for tips. The Whiteboard Blog

15. A Delicious bookmark with various lessons and activities for the SmartBoard. Delicious Bookmarks

16. SmartBoard Tips

Links from Nixon website

Go to

Nixon Website

There are a bunch of useful links by grade level.


- Smita

City of Palo Alto websites

City Of Palo Alto Kids Book Lists

They also have a great list of websites on a myraid of subjects.

Kids Websites

Homework help

Homework Help

Tech Tuesday links 2008 - Math and Science


Math Wire for Teachers
– standards-based math activities

Aunty Math

Science Notebooks - On this site you will find examples of student work from science notebooks - many from common used commercially developed science instructional materials, information to support the use of science notebooks, and strategies to use notebooks to integrate reading, writing, mathematics, and science.

Teaching in the information age

Very thought provoking in the information age for a teacher
Smita Kolhatkar
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 5:18 AM


Teaching in the Information Age


- Smita

Tech and Learning online magazine

The magazine Tech and Learning contains some useful information and links. If you are interested, the online magazine edition is available for free. Following is the link to register free and get your subscription:
Tech and Learning Online Magazine

Games Links

1. Sheppard Software

2. National Geographic: This site has online games. National Geographic Online games

3. Interactive games: Thinkfinity

Google Earth

Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 4:08 PM
Hello everybody,

Here's a link which has loads of ocean information.
You do need to download the software.
Google Earth


- Smita

Compressing URLs

When sending a URL to people, if the web link is long - sometimes it can
wind around to several lines, you can shorten it by the following easy
1. Go to Tiny URL or IS GD or Bit LY
2. Type in the long link
3. The website will give you a really tiny URL
You are ready to use this tiny link.