Sunday, February 28, 2010

Online Writing related links

1. A great place for students to use images in a presentation about a book, a project, a concept. It does require you to register though.

2. A list of graphic organizers for various uses. Graphic organizers

3. The Visual Thesaurus

4. A guide to grammar and punctuation. Grammar and Punctuation

5. Tech and Learning article containing several online writing tool websites. Writing online

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oceans Links

1. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute: Research and activities related to ocean life. MBARI

2. Monterey Bay Aquarium: Information and activities.  

3. Oceans Jigsaw Puzzles.

4. PBS Ocean Adventures.

5. National Geographic: Pictures, videos and activities

6. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:

7. NOAA Kids and Parents resources:

8. Google Earth Ocean: Download Google Earth Ocean and explore the oceans. Google Earth Ocean

9. Sea World. Has information and activities on marine animals. Sea World

10. Oceans. Anything and everything related to the ocean and conservation. Oceans

11. NOAA Fish information

12. The Ocean - questions

13. The Smithsonian Ocean Portal 

Ted Talks on Oceans:

1. Sylvia Earle's award winning talk on the Oceans. Sylvia's Ted Talk
2. David Gallo David Gallo Talk
3. Stephen Palumbi: Following the mercury trail
4. Mike Degruy: Hooked by an octopus
5. Brian Skerry reveals ocean's glory -- and horror
6.Related to the ocean and conservation. Oceans

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cool Stuff

1. Animations: Download animations that you can use either in Notebook or in any document. Gif Animations

Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Translation Tools

1. Google Translation tool: It will translate text, a website; check the website for more tools and details. Google Translator

2. The Mac Dashboard. FnF12 will open up the dashboard on a Mac. The default opens up the default widgets. You can add more by clicking on the + sign on the bottom left. The translation widget is not there by default. You will explicitly have to add it. Once added, it stays on the dashboard. You can translate text from one language to another using this widget.