Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sticky Notes - real and virtual - for reading and note-taking.

       There is something magical about sticky notes (or post-its) that seems to attract the children. Encouraging children to use stickies for various purposes really helps with the reading, memory, notetaking process. Following are some of the uses whether at home or in the classroom:
1. If a child thinks of a question but it isn't the appropriate time to ask it, the child can write down his/her question on a sticky and ask it later. This way he/she doesn't forget what he/she wanted to ask.
2. While reading a book, if he/she comes across a word or a piece of text that he/she does not understand, putting a sticky there for a reminder is a way for the child not to lose his/her trend of thought as well as be encouraged to look up meanings of text that he/she did not comprehend. This can help when the child works with a book report or a book summary as the stickies can help the child go back to the places to get the main points.
3. Highlighting with a real highlighter is really useful when reading a piece of text that belongs to the child. However, with a textbook that is borrowed from school, the actual highlighting is not possible. So, using stickies to mark particular pieces in the text really help with study skills and test taking.
4. On an iPad/iPod, the iBook application has the use of of highlighting and adding notes. These even show up in the bookmarks section of the book in question which again help those students who may have trouble recalling events/details in a book; it even helps those who can recall easily as the actual page is marked.
5. If using a Mac, it comes pre-loaded with a "stickies" application. This can be used for writing notes while reading, for writing personal to-dos and any other notes.

         While I am sure that there are several other uses for sticky notes, these are what I can think of off the top of my head with respect to reading.

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